Services That Can Help You in Managing Your Property

The Food Plot Company is dedicated to providing property owners with services that can improve their habitat. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure that your land’s management and soil health needs are met.

Our Services

Total Property Management Package

Timeframe April 1 through October 1

Any property management practice you can think of can be added to this plan.

  • Maintaining mineral sites(where legal)
  • Access to our cellar cameras deployed on your property. Service and maintenance provided by The Food Plot Company
  • Water sources
  • Food plot installation and maintenance
  • Mowing
  • Maintenance of entry and exit trails to
  • Stand locations
  • Inclosed stand installation
  • Fruit tree planting
  • Dozer work
  • Brush mowing
Food Plot Design and Installation

Over the past few years we’ve been focusing our planting methods on the idea of planting in nature’s image or regenerative agriculture. We’ve found that working with Mother Nature, and not against her, has shown amazing results in how wildlife respond to the plots once the soil is healthy again.

Property Consultations

Timeframe Jan 1-March 31

Evaluate property and develop a plan to hold, grow and harvest mature whitetails.

Soil Health Testing

Conventional Soil Test
Soil Health Test

The soil health tool is an integrated approach to soil testing using chemical and biological soil test data. It is designed to mimic nature’s approach to soil nutrient availability as best we can in the lab. This tool is the culmination of two decades of research in soil fertility and many believe it represents the next step in soil testing for the 21st century.

The tool uses an integrated approach to soil testing, reflecting the complex ecosystem of the soil, instead of depending upon the narrow measurement of inorganic N, P and K. The integrated approach is naturally controlled so that N or P will not exceed what is available from the organic N and organic P pools.

Haney soil Samples will be sent to Drop Tine Seed.

  • Eagle forage soybeans and seed blends
  • 360 Hunting blinds
  • Cuddeback
  • Horny Buck Seed
  • Industry professional for Sitka
  • Scent Crusher
Roller crimper to help improve soil health.